SIA (LLC) “BALTIJAS INDUSTRIĀLAIS SERVISS” hereby confirms that information and personal data you submitted at the time of completion of the carbon brush order form on the web site will be used to contact you and prepare the order. Personal data will be collected, processed and stored in compliance with the requirements of the European Union legislation on personal data protection.

When you submit your data, you give SIA “BALTIJAS INDUSTRIĀLAIS SERVISS” permission to contact you by phone or by email, if the person has failed to indicate other means of communication in the carbon brush order form, data is processed and stored electronically/ in paper form on the computer located at 13 Kauguru Street, Valmiera, for a period of one year or in cases set forth in laws or regulations as long as necessary after the initial processing of the data.

Data can be accessed by employees of SIA “BALTIJAS INDUSTRIĀLAIS SERVISS” authorised to use the aforementioned personal data.

The collected data will not be transferred to any third parties, except for the national regulatory authorities and law enforcement agencies, and in other cases, when the disclosure of information is provided for by the applicable legislation.

You have the right to request updating of your data, information about the use of your personal data, as well as deletion of your personal data at any time.

Contact information: 64207220